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Pristeen – Our Services

Our Services at PristeenPRISTEEN BODY WORX has all the necessary equipment and qualified staff to comply with all Major Insurance Companies and Manufacturer standards. PRISTEEN BODY WORX provides up￾to-date repairs, spray painting, hail damage and towing. We have an open door policy for any client to view his or her vehicle at any time.

Our list of services include:

Features of our service include the following which are designed to keep our clients satisfied with our workmanship, administrative processes and courtesy services.

  • Drive out quotations
  • Update brokers on their clients vehicles
  • Update Assessors on any additional and unforeseen damages
  • Update insurance company, to arrange hired vehicle for collection or return
     Courtesy cars
  • Latest quoting TMS system
  • 24 hour guards, CCTV and secure overnight storage
  • SMS and telephonic updates regularly
  • Collect and drop off service
  • Manufacturer’s warranty on parts
  • 5 Year Warranty on workmanship
  • Lifetime warrantee on paint.