Panel Beating

Panel beatingIn South Africa, the term panelbeater or panel beater is the equivalent of what is known as the auto body mechanic in the United States or Canada. At Pristeen Body Worx we specialise in restoring car bodies back to their original state.

Alternatively, Pristeen will customize your car body to design and create the shape or colour(s) which stem from your personal preference or imagination.

Our Panel Beating and Repair services

  • Comprehensive overhauls and vehicle restorations
  • Custom panel design and body works
  • Panel beating – insurance approved panel beater.

Workshops and Staff

Our fully equipped workshop is located in Richards Drive, Halfway House in the rapidly growing city of Midrand. The workshop features up to date equipment, tools and machinery. Our staff are qualified panel beaters, mechanics and technicians who are trained by professionals to deliver a professional end result.